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:: Creating Wealth Through Knowledge, Technology and Innovation ::

Salam Mesra Dari Nina Syakina

How to create wealth through knowledge, technology and innovation?

Hurmmm... this is not a simple topic to discuss here.
but, its quite fun to challenge our mind.

Most people related technology in the mid to late 20th century to the race in technological advancement between the super powers in the cold war era, in terms of space travel and dominance. Technology in those days was only available to the rich and powerful, the government and corporate giants. Nowadays, that race between the super powers has resulted in the technological boom in today’s world and the rapid domestication of technology.

Technology is a result of innovation. Innovative people create ideas and execute these ideas to better living standards. Innovators constantly look for ways to improve the way or ways in which we do things. They strive to create new ways of achieving the same result, or even a better and more improved result. Communication is an example of human interaction which has benefited due to the increase in technology through innovation. The days of sending personal mails through post offices have been done away with by the introduction of emails and mobile phones. Iphone, Ipad, Blackberry, Itab, Smartphones, these technologies are examples of innovation for nowadays. People are really crazy into them!

The question now is, with all the readily available technologies; how are we able to fully utilize them to create wealth for ourselves?

The simple solution that I think will be helpful is by using technologies which are integrated into everyday life and adapted to daily practices.

Take a look around you. 

Most of us live our everyday existence in routines that acquire a familiar rhythm. Our homes, transportation, work and activities with friends and family seem to continue much as us always have. Sure, we might own a hand-held device and find it more useful than a paper pocket calendar. Many of us check in with email and find both the expanded access to people and the quickened speed of communication convenient. These technologies that we as individuals see and experience do not appear to be either radical or life changing.

Yet, the convergence of innovative technologies, being introduced and integrated in certain world regions with a rapidity never seen before, will dramatically change the way we live, work, and relate to one another. It will also provide opportunities for generating regional wealth in new ways that we are just beginning to understand. Technology has come a long way and continues to change this world every day. Those who do not adapt to change and utilize it are left behind. Those who are receptive to and appreciate change advance and prosper in life. Technologies have now been domesticated and are readily available; it is how we use them to create wealth.

How to create wealth through knowledge, technology and innovation?

More and more people in Malaysia have to become or strive to be more innovative. This is because the days of having mere skills or talent have long gone. To survive in this ever changing and competitive world one needs to keep abreast with and adapt to the changes around it. A certain way of doing something might not be that way anymore because a new and faster way of doing that has been invented.

So people need to acquire and adapt to using this new technique which have come by way of innovation and technology.

The key to making wealth from the use of technology and skills is to be innovative. To think out of the box and find new ways of achieving the desired result. Time is money in today’s world so one must deliver services faster and more efficiently. This allows one to have a competitive advantage over one’s competitors. One must always be able to adapt to the changes in today’s world and these changes come by way of technologies. Mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other are new technologies that are available. Most companies who invest in technologies, whether hardware or software, do it to maximize profit or create wealth. They employ people who are innovative so that it allows the organization to evolve. Employing people who are not innovative means that there won’t be room for new ideas and new ways of doing things. Allowing innovation would also mean changing the organizational culture of a company. Innovation comes with age and so when there are people who are of another era and are set in their old ways of doing things it hinders new and upcoming innovative people and ideas. Being innovative allows us to fully utilize these technologies to our advantages.

People have a set of skills, knowledge, and talent but to fully realize our potential and create wealth we need to utilize tools such as the technologies available. Besides, innovation also allows us to create wealth through technology. It is how we think out of the box. We may have a good writing skills. We may have very good marketing skills.  It’s how we use what is available to us at the present time to create wealth from the skills we have. For instance, with a laptop and an internet modem, we are able to connect onto the internet and find Social Medias such as facebook, twitter, mudah, lelong, and ebay and other sites to do free marketing of the skills that we have!

Just be creative, guys!

People who are able to use technology to create new and efficient way of doing things or produce results at a faster and more cost efficient ways are innovative.

Anyone can be innovative!
 It only needs one to have a beginners mind.

::nina says::
This entry is specially made for my Innovation and Management subject lecturer,

Pak Din aka Abah
visit his page here.


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