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:: When I Open My Eyes, I Want To See You ::

iyerr... 'dia' makin chubby kan... hikhik

You are the pillow that I lay my head on at night
You are my security when I have fear in my life
You are that flutter that I feel in my heart
You are the one I think about when were far apart
When I open my eyes I want to see you
I want to breath you, Sing to you and keep you forever
My baby My love your my hidden treasure
Your my perfect woman
with a soul that's been kissed by the heavens
Lips soft like silk when I kiss them I melt
When our bodies intertwine every inch of you is felt
Baby your my best friend perfect fit for a beautiful lover.
Let me be the one to make you happy all the time...

::nina says::
tiba2 jekk rindukan seseorang...
aisshh... cepat laa balik!!!
mau buli nihh... hikhik



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Nurhasnatul Nabila said... [Reply to comment]

hak8~! nina chubby..
tp comel la...
mcm tyme sek2 dulu..
dulu n sekarang comel jer...
peace no war!

nina syakina said... [Reply to comment]

@Nurhasnatul Nabila

oucchh... mmg chubby... n btmbh chubby... hihihi... =)