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I am an easy going person, I love to enjoy my life. I like to be around people that make me smile, being around family and friends is even better. I also enjoy making people and friends happy, it makes me happy.

I believe anyone can conquer their dreams if they set their mind to it, I believe anything is possible, the magic of believing and believing in yourself can do you wonders in life. I enjoy simple things, love, friends, food, clothes, shopping, hanging out, cycling, party, BBQ-ing, the beach, lakes, the rain, thunder, fog, stars, walking, traveling, smiling, reading, writing, cuddling, dreaming, and all of the other odds and ends that fulfill my enjoyment.

I don't like being inside for too long. I like to live life as if I were to die tomorrow. I enjoy living by the golden rule, the ten commandments and the word of wisdom. I love making unforgettable memories and being able to make them with friends I love.

People seem to characterize me as a sincere and genuine person. Any of my actions are always out of love and good intentions. I am down to earth on how I feel and always try to establish a personal level with new acquaintances. I enjoy family like friends. I enjoy being around a crowd that doesn't need mind altering substances or alcohol to enjoy themselves...

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