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:: Pizza Hut’s Ring of Fortune, Menu Terbaru Di Pizza Hut! ::

Salam Mesra Dari Nina Syakina

Tahukah Anda?

sekarang ini Restoran Makanan Segera, Pizza Hut telah mengeluarkan satu menu baru iaitu Pizza Hut Ring Of Fortune!

I want this! I want this! its look tasty! yummmyy...

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Chinese New Year celebration this year will not be complete without Pizza Hut’s latest offering, the ‘Ring of Fortune’ pizza.

A release said the Pizza Hut’s first new product of the year is full of succulent char-grilled chicken on a special double crust that is filled with three-flavoured cheeses and sprinkled with crispy cornflakes for that extra crunch.

It said the Ring of Fortune was so named for its special shape, a gold coin that signified prosperity, wealth and long-lastingness. The pizza was made even more auspicious with the addition of red capsicums, pineapple tidbits and yellow onions that gave it the appearance of a ‘blossoming flower’.

Pizza Hut was spending more than RM2.5 million on advertising and promotion for the launch of the new product. The launching as well as related marketing and promotional activities were expected to help drive its system wide sales up by a double-digit growth of about 20 per cent during the promotional period.

“A prosperous New Year should be ushered in with food that is abundant in every way,” said the managing director of QSR Brands Bhd the operator of Pizza Hut, Jamaludin Md Ali at its launch in Petaling Jaya yesterday.

“Our new pizza brings all good things together. Prosperity, wealth, joy and happiness and is the perfect meal to be shared by family and friends,” he added.

The Ring of Fortune pizza is available at all Pizza Hut restaurants from this Jan 21 to March 3. A regular Ring of Fortune pizza is priced at RM27.90 a la carte while a large pizza is sold at RM36.90. There are also combo meals that come with soup-of-the-day, garlic breadstick and 7-Up Revive.

“I am sure the new pizza is going to be a big hit with families and friends who are looking forward to celebrating reunion,” said Ali.

Pizza Hut is the biggest pizza restaurant chain in the country with 219 outlets offering dine-in, takeaway, delivery and online ordering services and more restaurants are being planned.

::nina says::
This weekend ada Reunion
and farewell party with my friends...
hope demam cepat sembuh ^^
rasa nak makan Pizza laa... ngee



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