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I am really love Adele's Someone Like You previously since somehow the song reminded me of my first love... There is not much that I can say about it other than that, it is true about everyone said, love is the only feelings that allow you to have every emotions mixed up in a tall cocktail glass... And to think that I have never written anything bout him...

Everyone here know that my heart is just like a glass... once the glass is broken, you can always glue the pieces back together, but you can still see the crack... But there are always some missing pieces that you can never find... ♥

::nina says::
i hide from you something...



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MiYOKO SuKi said... [Reply to comment]

i like the song too...the song remind me of my EX too...

Nadia Mashuri said... [Reply to comment]

mesti ada yang lebih baik utk kita kan?

♥e'in♥ said... [Reply to comment]

jgn dikenang benda yg dh lepas.. huhu..

Eliyana said... [Reply to comment]

salam adik chubby....

akak pun suka lagu tu, tp taknak laa kenang yg lepas2...im happy where i am now...hope the same for you

Ryna Khairina said... [Reply to comment]

done follow ur blog,kindly to follo bck ya dear tq