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:: Wahai Beginners! Apa Yang Akan Terjadi Sekiranya Anda Berhenti Berblogwalking ::


ini laa perkara yang paling ditakuti oleh Bloggers2 sekalian...
Apa yang akan terjadi sekiranya anda berhenti Berblogwalking?
Picture di atas adalah merupakan traffic bagi blog nina setiap hari...
bukan niat nina untuk menunjuk2 traffic itu,
apatah lagi ianya adalah traffic bagi Beginners macam nina nihh...
kalau nak dibandingkan dengan orang lain,
korang lagi Maju...

nampak tak anak panah yang atas sekali...
ok... itu traffic bagi eksperimen yang nina jalankan ke atas blog nih...
nina pernah bagitau korang tak, nina suka buat eksperimen?
tak pernah? haaa... nih nina nak bagitau laa nih... kui kui

traffik menunjukkan apabila seseorang Bloggers berhenti Blogwalking...
apabila Bloggers berhenti Blogwalking,
secara automatiknya, traffic Blog beliau akan turut berkurangan...
mengapa ini terjadi?

Kita tanya pendapat Responden ini...

Blog used to be personal. Diaries, hobbies, travels, daily stories, friends and family updates. I know that some of us are really into blogging nowadays. Take quite a long time to surf. To write carefully and to read. With recommendation from otai-otai, some of us very hardwork on blogwalking. To generate traffic, translated into an earning.

Blogwalkers don't really want to read, instead, to leave a foot print which is a link hoping that people go to their blog and do something that they don't do - reading.

That is okay, marketing wise, you have to promote your blog anyway. However, would that be enough? Would that enough to make you a blogger? Like you set up a stall in pasar malam, and visit other stalls to tell them to come and buy something from your stall. You won't make it that way.

To earn money, supply and demand is concerned. Blogging is providing. Simply a supply and demand logic. We have millions of internet surfers in a day, I can denote the surfers as prospects. As a provider, you must write something that can attract prospects to come to your blog thus generate what is popularly called traffic, that you can later sell to advertisers like nuffnang, innity, adsense, or chittika.

If in pasar malam. It is to set up a stall and sell beneficial items. Something that people do not hesitate to spend their money for. Well, it similar on the web. If you can supply a good blog, there will be a huge demand waiting. It is simple. The star, Harian Metro, budiey, ohartis, redmummy, malaysia-finance has the numbers as proofs.

For personal blog, like me, it is hard to win the market. Who want to read my story? Ask yourself, why you are here to read me writing? Because I was at your blog, right? haha. So, you know, I did blog walking, the easy lament tactic.

For me blogwalk is a good way to promote a blog, but it is not the core subject that can sustain a blog colorful traffic. You stop blogwalk, traffic will stop with immediate effect. With the supply and demand theory, the only thing you can do as a blogger is to write something that people want to read.

There are categories to grab, it is the wisdom that you need to choose as well as to write. You can preach religion. You can make genuine jokes. You comment on paper front page. You talk finance. You talk about current affairs as shit as monopoly-type politics or sexy cheap artists. If you can attract readers with this, you are a professional blogger in the making. Prospects will take some effort to read your blog, like they sweat to pay for papers in the morning.

The most important thing is the 'value'. The value that you can put into your writing, what is it? Why should I spend my time reading that blog? That's why I said just now, I am no a blogger. I already stopped putting much time on this blog and reading blogs. If you spot me reading your blog, that means yours are listed :)

I am now concentrating on more valuable job I got in hands. My engineering career and my novel writing. I will spend some little time to write blog, hopefully somebody wants to read, and generate some traffic.

For the first time I am not interested to see how many visitors I got for the day. If the graph has gone flat, I know that the post I wrote is not interesting. It is a gauge for me to do better. That's all.

For active and passionate bloggers, this may sound itchy. For some friends that I know they blog for self fulfillment, they don't give a damn for the craps I am telling here.

Personal blog, you know, some of us write for themselves. Just for that. To read what our 'younger-self' has written in old days is as fun as watching Liverpool versus Chelsea in HD. To read things that has gone from memory is as exciting as having a new experience or a new wife. Wow, did I really really write this? Unbelievable. That is as of now, about 20 years after blog existence. Imagine when we are old enough, say in 2050, and most of the archives that we have in our blog totally gone from our bold wrinkled head? Then you take some time to recall before telling the stories to your grandchildren after you smile and tell yourself 'God, I was so young, time has gone sooooo fast'. I can imagine that at that time, your blog is the most precious thing left that you rather die than clicking on 'delete blog' button.

For that matter, don't delete your blog contents. Keep it, save it, stack it up. Over time, it is called antics.

I am telling this so many times, read books. Don't read my blog if you haven't yet read your books. Read Quran. Read the translation. Read papers, something that much more valuable. I don't want you to put too much time reading this blog that is personally craps. Err... except the motivational postings that I think can be read, well, it is totally up to you.

As a blog writer, I thank you for coming and reading. As a friend, keep in touch, hopefully we can take some time to see each other. For my book readers, thank you for spending some money and time to read the books. If you miss me, just come here to read ya hehe.

Life is short. I don't know when will I die like people around me that had already dead while they were having the same thought that I am having right now. Wondering about the death. Wondering how will I feel. Sumber

::nina says::
so, bagaimana pendapat anda pula?



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jue said... [Reply to comment]

i like what she/he says..mj pun wat personal blog supaya kalau mj xde people still can read my writing, feel my heart inside..feel like im still there with them..

nina pulak cmne? ^_^

misz myza said... [Reply to comment]

me mmg terpakse berhenti sementara waktu dari dunia blogging dan blogwalking demi exam... tapi still lagi bce blog2 org... Traffic?? hmm. toksah cerita le.. mmg jatuh tergolek...