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:: Tips: Rahsia Bibir Cantik Dan Seksi, How Much Do You Want These Beautiful, Sexy and Full Lips? ::


How much do you want these beautiful, sexy, and full lips?

Well you can have them without tattooing an outline or injecting implants. The technique discussed in this article is cheaper and more practical... Let do this my dear! hihi...

1- Start by preparing your lips with lip balm to cover the cracks and protect your delicate lips. Take extra care in the cold weather; we all know what the cold weather can do to our lips.

2- Use a lip liner to draw around the outer lining of your lips. If the line is not perfect, carefully remove the messy parts and draw it again. When you are satisfied with the line, fill the rest of your lips with the same color.

3- Now its time to apply lip-gloss. Choose a natural color and forget about the too dark or too light colors. Lip gloss does not last long, so make sure you keep it close so you can apply it every now and then.

4- This is the tricky and final step. Apply some white and shiny eye shadow right in the center of your lips. Do it slowly and make sure you blend the color properly. What your are looking for is to try and make the color a bit lighter around where your mouth opens.

::nina says::
bibir nina selalu kering... benci!



5 Leave Here, Comments and Lovely Words:

Zura said... [Reply to comment]

erm...sy nie lip gloss pun xleh pakai...

Sophia Rani said... [Reply to comment]

setiap kali makeup, lipstick la yg paling i tak suka.. tapi suke belek2 lipgloss yg cantek2 kat kedai.. hehe

Hanis Azla said... [Reply to comment]

ala seksinya bibir.. he..he..

NuSaNa NoSa 91 said... [Reply to comment]

yeahh~ tips yg bagus.. thanx ye nina~ ^_^

PinQib said... [Reply to comment]

tengs for saring akak. nice tips
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