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:: Unethical Behaviors or Actions in Business ::

Salam Mesra Dari Nina Syakina

What are unethical behaviors or actions in business?

Unethical business behavior is one of the most challenging issues for organizations today. It has the potential to lead to a downfall of an organization. Before that, we must know what is the definition of Unethical behavior.

Unethical behavior is any action that is aimed at taking advantage of another without their knowledge or consent. Most of people define this as manipulating someone without their permission. Unethical actions are not necessarily illegal. Unethical behavior is a way of acting that society disapproves of profuse language, belching in public, and acting violent towards others are all examples of unethical behavior.

Why people are still doing the unethical behaviors?

In today's business environment, when competition is cut-throat, more and more individuals are resorting to unethical business practices to succeed. There are few common reason behind unethical behaviors. People who have had the best of education background are usually found to be indulging in unethical business practices and the sad part is that they don't feel guilty about it! We can blame it on our popular sub-culture, an individual who cheats his way up the ranks in organization. It is very important that we go back to the basics and help employees in clearly distinguishing between ethical and unethical business practices. But, the biggest reasons why people indulge in unethical practices is pressure from supervisors. When managers set unrealistic and unbelievable targets, they are indirectly communicating to their staff that they want it done, no matter what. The employees in the other hand are under immense pressure to complete their targets as their career prospects, depend to a large extent, on their performance, and if the performance is not up to what the manager expected, the chances of growth are slim .Besides, the other reason is bad attitude. Personal greed and a desire to further one's career are the other reasons that push people to indulge in unethical business practices. A lot of times, The employees re promised a huge bonus if they achieve their targets and the lure of money compels them to cheat. The employees may also do certain things to prolong their career in a company as the thought that they may be fired is too repulsive to them. These factors will encouraged employees to such an extent that they don't think twice before behaving in an unethical manner, such as selling unsafe products, manipulating systems to their own advantage and others unethical behavior.

It is a sad truth that the employees of just about every business will occasionally encounter team members who are taking part in unethical behaviors. Such unethical behaviors include a wide variety of different activities. Among the most common unethical business behaviors of employees are making long distance calls on business lines, duplicating software for use at home, falsifying the number of hours worked, or much more serious and illegal practices, such as embezzling money from the business, or falsifying business records, misappropriation of funds, cheating, breach of trust, bribery, corruption, gratification, stealing, sexual harassment, child labor, environmental abuse like improper disposal of toxic wastes, solid wastes and other pollutants, dealing with staff towards clients, stakeholders, public as a whole spam’s, misrepresentation, miscommunication and irresponsible advertisements and others.

How to change this matter?

By the way, it is high-time that we have strict rules in place to check the acts of people who think of themselves as invulnerable. Unethical business practices have no place in today's business environment and we as individuals, also have a responsibility that we conduct ourselves ethically in our organizations.
we must change this attitude!

::nina says::
This entry is specially made for my Business Ethics and Corporate Governance subject lecturer,

Pak Din aka Abah
visit his page here.



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assalamualaikum nina. ya Allah lamanya tak bersua di dunia maya ni. kenal lagi tak? 9,10 tahun yang lalu... dah tak update blog ke?